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Ageras Group is a built on a passion for entrepreneurship. Serial entrepreneurs Rico Andersen and Martin Hegelund founded the company in 2012 and has since turned their vision into a global venture with a strong offering.

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The humble beginning

In 2010 the founders, Rico Andersen and Martin Hegelund, had just started their own business venture, Få Det Gjort (“Get It Done”). Just like Ageras Marketplace, it was an online platform, but unlike Ageras, it was a platform for household services.

With their childhood savings and a bank loan invested into the project, they went off to build a business around this concept.

A lot of mistakes were made in these early years, but learning on their own dime was an important aspect in having a razor-sharp focus in developing the product, the technology and team.

The bookkeeping and accounting, however, was outsourced to a traditional accountant. The receipts were delivered in a bag after the end of a calendar quarter and Rico and Martin would in turn receive a trial balance after a few weeks.

There were several problems: First, the two founders did have business acumen, but were definitely not well equipped in specific accounting terms. Second, the numbers were already up to four months old. Third, the numbers were not actionable and forward-looking - they were merely reflecting a three month old reality.

As the company grew, they realized that they needed a completely different accounting setup: New software that they could actually understand and explore their numbers further and a new accountant that could help transform finance into business intelligence and strategic advice on the next phase of the business.

Once they did that, they realized that the fundamentals of the business were broken - after losing everything they had. They did not blame the accountant, but wanted to change how small businesses find the financial overview and tools they need.

They sold Få Det Gjort for pennies and acted on their vision by founding Ageras - a group of companies with a strong vision to enable success for small companies.

Ageras was born

In 2012 Ageras was born with a simple offering: an online marketplace where small and medium-sized businesses could find an accountant or bookkeeper that suits their needs, statutory requirements and budget range. At the same time, accountants could grow their business by subscribing to the platform.

The marketplace grew across borders - first Sweden and Norway, then the Netherlands and Germany and lastly Ageras expanded to the US.

Along the journey the technology fund of Investcorp, an international private equity firm, joined the business to broaden the scope: Instead of just operating a marketplace, Ageras wanted to offer a full suite of products that makes life as a business owner easier.

Therefore Meneto was founded - a digital accounting solution where the business owner does not need to do anything - all is taken care of by software using latest AI and machine learning technology to automate the accounting. And what is not automated, a network of trusted bookkeepers is taking care of.

Since also the cloud-based accounting software Billy and Tellow has been acquired and Rabobank joined as a shareholder.

We are humble about our vision and mission and our 200 micro-heroes work hard to enable success for business owners - all over the globe.


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